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Welcome once again to our Daily App Giveaway section of theappwhisperer.  We value our readers so much and that’s why we want to share our love of apps with you. Each day we give away free apps, better make us your home page 😉

Today, we’re giving away 645 PRO apps worth $2.99/£1.99 each. 645 PRO is another one of the most popular photography apps available and comes from the same developer stable as 6×6 and 6×7. 645 PRO has been favorited by many sucessful mobile photographers, including Fernando Prats, who took this great image below with it.

Would you like to try it for free? Join our ever expanding Twitter followers and Facebook fans, RETWEET THIS POST and send a reply to the bottom of this page telling us what you love most about theappwhisperer.com. We will select winners at random from the selection of codes that we have and send them directly to your email box.


©Fernando Prats – ‘Summerfugue’ – Apps used – 645Pro, Pixlromatic+, Snapseed

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20 thoughts on “645 PRO – Our Daily App Giveaway

  1. I have been curious about 645Pro so I hope I win this giveaway. I don’t tweet but I do believe that theappwhisperer is the best mobile photography website and I tell everyone I can who I think needs to know.

  2. I know many people who use this app. Those who do seem to really love it. I would like to try it out and see why everyone is so crazy about it. I’ve been enjoying all the great columns and tutorials coming from The App Whisperer’s new additions. They’ve been quite a pleasure.

  3. This is an awesome app! I’d absolutely love to win a promo code for it.

    Thanks Joanne & TheAppWhisperer for the incredible giveaways!!

    RT as @SardiFederico

  4. II have 645 reasons for loving the AppWhisperer.
    1. For its good articles
    2. For the excellent tutorials
    3. For the good hints on the apps

    645. For this fantastic app that I don’t have.
    Gime me some love!

  5. My sister told me about this site! I like your daily giveaways!! Makes it fun to check out your site daily!

    Retweeted (@onlineSarah) and Liked your FB page like you asked!

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