Dan Berman From The MPA’s Interviewed By The App Whisperer – Exclusive

Don’t miss our incredible interview with Dan Berman of the Mobile Photography Awards’s. In this interview we discuss with Dan the concept and fine art of mobile photography. We also talk about ‘getting value’ into mobile photography, we discuss branding, limited editions and legitimacy. We talk about the ‘contest’ issue and marketing thereafter. We discuss the new MPA categories, we look at the most popular categories and we talk about the new layering and blending category. We also name some of the great mobile photographers and discuss some of their work and how in awe we both truly are.

This is a long interview but please try and take time to listen to it, you will learn so much and hopefully enjoy it too. We’ve put the audio behind last years showcased images.







About Joanne Carter

Joanne Carter is the Founder and Editorial Director of TheAppWhisperer.com. A Professional Photographer and Associate of the British Industry of Professional Photographers, BIPP, as well as a Professional Journalist, specializing in Photography. Joanne is also a Columnist for Vogue Magazine and is Contributing Editor to LensCulture.


  1. Really informative interview. Thanks for sharing. Also very cool to hear Joanne’s voice!

  2. Tanci

    I have to say “Wow”, I really enjoyed the interview tremendously!
    Interesting, informative and clarified a number of thoughts I had.
    Thank you very much! Only wish I could be there to see all the work.
    p.s. – must add it was nice to hear your voices, as well.

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