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Category: Games
Updated: October 16, 2012
Size: 27.6 MB
Developer: Four Thirty Three
Requirements: iOS 3.2 or later
Price: $0.99/£0.69 – on sale
Our Ratings
Graphics/Sound: 4/5
User Interface: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Re-use/play value: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
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What Is It?



A stunning addictive adventure fantasy RPG game.

Is It Easy To Use?



Yes it is, like many games it does take a little bit of getting used to but once you know what to expect you can whizz around in no time.

Is It Fun?



Very much so, there’s good gameplay value in this game. You get to choose your style of character to begin with, that might be a gunslinger, swordsman or a paladin, which is a holy warrior. There’s eight different worlds to play, with 240 quests, there are monsters and a huge range of in-game items to acquire.

Should You Download It?


Currently this game is available for only $0.99/£0.69 a price drop from the normal $1.99/£1.49. If you enjoy fantasy RPG games on your iOS device then you will definitely enjoy this one. Don’t hesitate, download it.

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