The Guardian Showcases Mobile Photography


The UK’s leading national broadsheet, The Guardian, today publishes a supplement on photography, which includes a section devoted to mobile photography. Written by The App Whisperer’s own columnist, Richard Gray, the section gives a detailed analysis of photography’s youngest and most vibrant sub-genre. The section looks at why mobile is such a popular sub-genre, how it is shaking up photography, how business is using it, some of the key movers in the genre and the various killer apps that are driving its popularity. The inclusion of a specific section on iPhone photography in such a serious photography review is perhaps a mark of where our sub-genre is today. If you’d like to read the full article, pick up a copy of The Guardian today.

I must admit that The Guardian is one of my favorite broadsheets and I have written for it myself many times over. In fact, I even remember writing an article on ‘camera phones’ for them, whilst Technology Editor of a leading Camera Magazine title, many years ago. This was way before the invention of the ‘smart phone’, but it was key to the movement.

Wonderful read Richard, very well done you!


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