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As our regular readers will know we have teamed up with Virgin Mobile US to offer you some great giveaways. We recently made Daniel Hernandez in California very happy when he received a brand new HTC One V Smartphone after winning our competition in September and Camilla Sanchez from Texas wll soon be in receipt of a brand new PCD Chaser smartphone too, following our competition from last month.

This time we’re giving away a Virgin Mobile Venture smartphone, worth $99, see image  below.  It’s a simple entry level smartphone with featuring a 2.8″ touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and a 2.0MP camera & camcorder.

So, I guess you’re wondering what we would like you to do, to be in with a chance of being a lucky winner, well it’s simple, just click on the link below to follow us on Twitter.

and go to our homepage here and scroll down to join our Facebook fans

Once you have done that, post a comment to the bottom of this post, the winner will be selected at random and will be notified by email after the competition closes on Christmas Day , December 25, 2012 at 11.59 PM EST.

Note: Virgin Mobile can only ship this smartphone within the US as it won’t work elsewhere, sorry about that.


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81 thoughts on “New Android Smartphone Giveaway With

  1. It would mean the world to me if i won because i want to give to my big bro who’s coming back from the army just in time for Christmas….

  2. Me Me me!! 😉 Would be awesome to give this as a gift to my hubby. Love that you all are able to do these giveaways! Good luck everyone!

  3. I’ve been a Twitter and Facebook follower of The App Whisperer for a while. Joanne always brings great content and giveaways to the site. I’ve really been enjoying all of the new columns.

  4. Would like to win. I have an older version of a Virgin Mobile phone (flip phone style) and its about to crap out on me. Seriously need an upgrade! 🙂

  5. Good Luck to everyone that is entering. Our family has been using VM for many years. Three of us need an upgrade so it would be nice if I won so that one of us could get it.

  6. I would love to win the VM Venture. I had one for a week and then my son lost it. Thus I had to reactivate my 2.75 year old X-tc. Sure miss the added features of a smartphone.

  7. This would be a great phone for my daughter! She loves the full keyboard style, and wants to move up to an android phone!

  8. i would love a new phone… been with VM for years now. I need to upgrade from the Samsung Intercept

  9. Great giveaway! Would love to win this phone to replace another phone that was ruined during a workout.

  10. Would love to win this phone, my son is very much into technology! He would enjoy getting an upgrade 😉

  11. Hope I win! I love VM and I never won a contest my whole life. I would lovebthis one to be first.

  12. I would be very grateful and very lucky if i received a phone like this one here…. Happy a very blessed Christmas Everyone!! <3 !

  13. I could use a new phone. My tiny tornado (my 2 year old) gave my phone a bath in the dog’s water bowl.

  14. I have virgin mobiles HTC n I love it I’ve been with them for more then 13 yrs. They are a great service.

  15. It’s the little things that u can’t worry about but still do!! But yet sometimes it would be a nice surprise when u really don’t have to worry about atleast one…. GL

  16. I’ve never won anything, so u thought I’d just try. Virgin mobile phones are pretty good and the form factor of this phone is pretty cool.

  17. Oh this would make our Christmas! Family of 7 with one hard working hubby, this would be the perfect gift, that I couldn’t afford to give.

  18. Virgin Mobile is such an awesome wireless carrier! I won’t go back to my old carrier! Been a happy customer for years.

  19. Another Awesome Giveaway!
    Really need a new phone.
    Would be awesome if I won!
    Thanks App Whisperer

  20. This is a great contest and a great phone! Thanks TheAppWhisperer for doing this, it would be a great holiday surprise to win (:

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