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So it’s New Years Eve and you’re reflecting on the year that’s almost past and one of the things you might stop on is your budget plans for 2013. Indeed many will be looking at this and it was one of the key considerations in this latest advertising campaign by TomTom. They were caught up with an age old problem in PR as, shall we spend all our advertising budget on creating a hopefully ‘viral’ video or should we put most of our money behind prizes for our fans?

Well, they debated and they debated and then took the plunge and went for the latter, which is good news for you and I. You can check out the video in the link below, it’s not particularly good and won’t go viral but that is actually the good news.




The marketing team at TomTom have created a game with a huge amount of prizes, many of which are fabulous. You could win one of six unforgettable driving adventures for four people, TomTom navigational devices, Nike+ sports watches, gift vouchers and literally thousands of other prizes too.

This competition is open to people in the UK, Germany, France, US, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

The competition is easy to enter, you only need to select a wrapped up continent and unwrap it, when you have unwrapped the entire route, you will upload your explanation as to why you should be selected to win the competition. You can do this in the form of a video, a song, short story or a poem. The most unique and original entry will win you a trip on the unwrapped route.





This post is sponsored by TomTom however any opinions expressed are that of the author.

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