500px Deleted From Apple App Store – PhotoStackr for 500px Remains


Popphoto.com, the magazine version of which we have contributed to in the past published a very interesting article yesterday. They reported that Apple had pulled the uber pro app 500px from the app store because of nude images.

500px is actually a very attractive photo sharing app and while yes it may/does/did contain some nude shots as PopPhoto points out there was ‘nothing pornographic’ there- depending on your definition of porn but it wasn’t a lot different to what you might find on the popular Flickr iPhone app.

PopPhoto also point out clearly perhaps the strongest argument against this removal by Apple being, “that the app comes with “safe” viewing mode turned on by default. If you want to see photos that include nudity, you have to use a computer or at least a browser to turn safe mode off”.

So for the moment, it is not possible to download 500px but we just took a look at PhotoStackr for 500px, an app we regularly use from the creators of FlickStackr. PhotoStackr for 500px allows you to browse by photo categories, bookmark photos on your device (stack), work offline and normally upload photos to 500px. Currently this app is still operational, take a look here.




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