Iris Photo Suite Updated And Name Changed To Laminar Express Image Editor


It has been such a long time in the waiting that many iPhone photographers thought it wouldn’t happen but today the developers of Iris Photo Suite have released an update but they have renamed the app to Laminar Express Image Editor. The developers are recommending that users delete their current versions of Iris Photo Suite and download Laminar Express from the store again. This will not cost existing users of Iris Photo Suite anymore money, it is a free upgrade. The update removes Iris Photo Suite and ports Laminar Express to your iPhone instead.

It is a comprehensive update and includes support of high resolution up to 20 mp among other things, that we have listed below.

If you are not an existing user of Iris Photo Suite and would like to download this app for $1.99/£1.49 – click here to do so. There is also a Lite version available for free, click here to download that.

The developers have also updated Laminar to Laminar Pro, which was their iPad version to a universal app, ie for iPhone and iPad. This is also a significant update. The masking tool has been given a major revamp and all layers below the masking layer get aligned so as to provide a feedback when masking images. Another significant change is the auto-correct tool, the process is more transparent and you can see the adjustments made so you can tweak as you go.

To download Laminar Pro for iPhone and iPad – click here – it retails for $1.99/£1.49


Laminar Express – What’s New?



a) Desktop class layering and masking work-flow.
b) Annotation Tool.
c) Support of resolution as high as 20MP.
d) Extended Export Support.
c) Import from sources like Flickr, Facebook.
e) Export options include Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, & Ftp.
f) Save setting presets and add save predefined watermark for your images.
g) Lighting Engine.
h) Extended Mask support with tools like lasso, magic-wand.
i) Brushes, including Clone, Smudge, Paint, Gradient etc.

and lots more…

Laminar Pro – What’s New



1) Text tool is now annotation tool. Allowing much easier way of adding text & thought bubbles to your images.
2) Masking tool has been given a major revamp. All the layers below the masking layer get aligned so as to provide a feedback when masking images. This a really big change.
3) Another big update is the auto-correct tool. Results are way better than what we had before, more over the process is more transparent. Laminar actually shows the adjustments made, so users can tweak so as to match their taste.

Other enhancements include:
1)Much faster response time. A speed gain of almost 2x.
2)Added option for scale to canvas.
3)Laminar now automatically cleans any used files from the previous sessions. So if you choose not to restore the last session, all the data from the previous session will be automatically be deleted.

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7 thoughts on “Iris Photo Suite Updated And Name Changed To Laminar Express Image Editor

  1. To be honest I hardly ever used iris. I bought it long ago after noticing so many users mentioning it in their workflow, but I just never liked the layout of the app. After 30 minutes testing out the new update I love it! I could likely replace 4 or 5 other apps with this. Great job ventessa team!

  2. I’m with Hans Borghorst, Laminar is not comparable with Iris!
    They cheated us with this “update”. In fact, they steal us Iris.

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