Mobile Monet/HD – Temporarily Free


Mobile Monet generates a black and white sketch version of any picture you select. There are settings to adjust the sketch line thickness, intensity and even color, as well as the shading. 

MobileMonet then lets you paint onto the sketch using a soft flow brush tool that applies a painterly version of the original photo. The more you brush, the more paint is applied. It’s deceptively simple, but very creative. Brush in just the areas you want to highlight. You can adjust the paint settings to get just look you want. The adjustments include vibrance and brightness, as well as number of color shades and edge softness.

James Clarke, whom we intereviewed for one of our Day in the LIfe series of interviews used this app (in combination with others) in the image below. If you missed James’ interview, please go here for a great read.

To download the Mobile Monet, please select either the iPhone or iPad versions below, or both of course.




© James Clarke – ‘A Valentine For Carrie’ – Apps used – Camera+, Iris Photo Suite, ScratchCam, MobileMonet, Photocopier, Snapseed, PicGrunger, Juxtaposer

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