Gray’s Anatomy – Boyfriends, shoes and painted nails


By jove, it is Friday again, time seem to fly by faster each week. At, Friday’s mean one thing, Gray’s Anatomy, when Richard Gray sends us his topical humorous article to help our weekends start with aplomb. This weeks column article is no exception, Richard recounts his tales of discovering a creative family nail bar with a Snapseed angle. Don’t miss this, over to you Richard. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).



“As I might have mentioned (trying not to brag) I recently visited the United States. After speaking at Macworld in San Francisco, I stopped off in New York to visit a very good friend and some of my wife’s family. The family do was a big gathering of the Irish clan in New Jersey, with four of my cousins and their children, all together eating a huge turkey and the most delicious mash potato served by my (she won’t mind me saying this) delightfully raucous and hugely kind-hearted cousin Cathy. With great New Yorker gusto she told us how, seeing a gap in the market, she had just set up a nail bar in her nearby town. She’d always wanted to do it and it was going Great Guns!

I hadn’t seen many of my second cousins since they were so high, around 14 years earlier, the last time we were over for a wedding. So when’s the next one? I kept asking, to laughs and blushes. After I told them about my little talk in San Francisco at Macworld various of them came back with: “Hey, I’m on Instagram too!” So we found and followed each other – I haven’t got so many new followers in one day since I came third in a Josh Johnson competition. I browsed through the photos of Tricia, my 23-year old second cousin who helps out at Cathy’s nail bar. I remembered how a lot of people on Instagram get a bit sniffy about pictures of painted nails, along with photos of shoes and teenage boyfriends. Since she works in a nail bar, Tricia’s Instagram feed was obviously peppered with pictures of brightly colored painted nails – alongside shots of shoes and boyfriends. Lotta pics of nails here, I timidly ventured. Yeah, you can do a lot of creative stuff with nails, she replied. And she went into some detail about the colors, the varnishes and the lacquers. And what apps do you use, she asked me. Well try Snapseed, I replied. You can do a lot of creative stuff with Snapseed. I gave her a brief tutorial and she was like totally wowed by drama, retrolux and all the other awesome things you can do with Snapseed. Cool, I’ll use that tomorrow at Fashion Week, she said. And she took a picture of me, apped it up and posted it.

It was a nice trans-Atlantic exchange of knowledge. She learned about Snapseed and I learned about nails. Check out my cool cuz’s apped up portrait of me on @trishiavogue. And some pretty awesome painted nails too”.



© Richard Gray – ‘Awesome painted nails’

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