KitCam – Updated


KitCam is a popular app from the developers of PhotoForge and it has just been updated. Check out What’s New below.

This is a free update, if you have previously downloaded this app. If not, you can pick it up here. It retails for $1.99/£1.49/download.

What’s New?



❀ Capture photos while recording video & loads of speed increases ❀


➊ Take photos while shooting video! Now wile you are recording video tap the snapshot button to the left of the main shutter button to capture a still shot.

➋ Startup time and photo developing speed improvements throughout.

➌ Flash setting now stored in profile so your last flash setting will be maintained.

➍ Split lens more robust and now supports opposite sided splits.

➎ Fixed unsupported characters in Instagram captions.

➏ Added reminder message to film shelf to indicate how to import photos into KitCam.

➐ Many more minor bugs squashed.

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