Sarah Jarrett MPA Grand Prize Winner Of 2012


Wishing Sarah Jarrett huge congratulations on her winning status as MPA Grand Prize Winner of 2012. Her portfolio won over the Judges of the Jury and Sarah will take home the grand prize of $3,000.

We’re delighted for Sarah on her great win and have created a screenshow of the portfolio she submitted, please take a look at this outstanding work.

We also of course offer our huge congratulations to Helen Breznik as this years Runner-Up.

You can read more from the MPA’s about Sarah’s overall win here



Click below to watch the screenshow



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7 thoughts on “Sarah Jarrett MPA Grand Prize Winner Of 2012

  1. Really? Nice Illustration and some rather cliche landscape shots but the underlying link to photography in her humanscapes seems too obscured for this competition. If you were trying to blow the door completely off the photographic establishment’s hinges I guess you succeeded.

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved honor, Ms. Jarrett. The fearless way you cross the line between photography and painting is indeed worthy of the award in and of itself. The art work speaks for itself. I do hope the establishment is rocked a little, hinges and all 🙂 I commend the jurists for being open to the new.
    Best regards, Michael Johnson

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