Tangled FX – New


Tangled FX is a brand new photo effects app. It operates at full resolution and comes with 16 different presets to help you get started. This app retails for $1.99/£1.49 and you can download it here.





– Highly optimized to take full advantage of your device’s GPU
– 16 different presets to get you started
– Fine tuning the final effect to your liking
– Switch to advanced settings to get access to all of the options
– HD rendering in full photo resolution.
– Preview mode so you can quickly see the effects for big images
– Easy sharing to:
* Instagram
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Mail
* Camera roll
* Clipboard
* … or open in any other photo app
– Two sample images showing the possibilities and for you to play with
– Universal app so you can enjoy it on your iPhone iPod Touch and iPad
– And an inside manual just in case 🙂

(For iPhone 4 max photo resolution limited from 2592×1936 to 2024×1536 pixels because of hardware restrictions. All other devices handle the full photo resolution of the camera and even more.)


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