Top 10 Finalists Announced For The MPA’s Grand Prize


Well it’s been a very busy time for myself and the other six Judges that make up the MPA Grand Prize Jury this year but we have now agreed on a top 10 shortlist, one of these incredibly talented mobile photographers/artists will take home the $3,000 prize and will be announced tomorrow.

This year’s Top 10 Finalists are: Roger Clay, Marie Matthews, Souichi Furusho, Gusbano, Sarah Jarrett, Melissa Vincent, Alfred Pleyer, Helen Breznik, Edyta Lipinska and Lene Basma.

We will announce the overall winner tomorrow, so look out for that. Every single artist has once again contributed truly outstanding work and it has been an absolute pleasure to view their portfolios.

Check out the screen show below for a brief view at the portfolios


Click below to watch the screen show

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