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I’m aware that that headline is ambiguous and I’m also aware that most of you know I’ve been unwell recently, so perhaps that helped me tune into this brand new app called Uchek. Quite remarkably it is an app that will test your urine sample, don’t worry you don’t have to bring the two into direct contact. How it works is that you produce a urine sample into a suitable container, then using a specially developed color-coded urinalysis strip, you dip that into the sample, next you take a photograph of the results and the app will then analyze it.

There are twenty five diseases that Uchek can detect, including urinary tract infection, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, it also measures levels of glucose (which is probably part of the diabetes detection), proteins, ketones and many more. Wired reported that out of 1,200 sample tests, the app proved more accurate than humans in interpreting the color-coded strips.

This app has not received final approval from Apple yet and an Android version is also in the works. When it is approved, the app will cost $0.99/£0.69 and the color-coded strips will retail for $20 a packet.

This really is break-through technology and I was so pleased to learn about this today. Just imagine how this could develop in the future.





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