Architectural Mobile Photography By Luiz Rodriguez


Architectural photography is an area that really allows the photographer to become one within their environment and also with light. When you combine it with mobile architectural photography and the discretion it offers, it brings in other elements too. Luis Rodriguez is one such mobile photographer who has the passion to fully explore this medium and produce excellent results.

Primarily he shoots with the default iPhone app but he likes to use ProCamera, or Camera+ when wanting to select separate focus and exposure points. For editing he enjoys Snapseed, FilterStorm or FrontView.

Rodriguez loves reflections, whether that’s on cars, buses, buildings or puddles. You can read the full article over on

To check out more of Rudriguez’s work take a look at his EyeEm page here.




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  1. Interesting discussion on the dpreview forum – debate on the use of the word “mobile” in photography – the discussion should focus more on apps and manipulation to create a final image versus the tool to get there – the editing and immediacy is what makes current use of a mobile camera interesting – not the tool itself – nice work Luis

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