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Deco Sketch Pro is a very popular app with many iPhone photographers and artists. Yesterday we published one of our uber popular Day in the life interviews, that time with Ali Jardine, and within that she confided that Deco Sketch was one of her new favorite apps. We are delighted to announce an update to this app today.

Quote from the developer:

“Deco Sketch is mobile artistry for the geometrically obsessed,” said Ben Guerrette, creator of Deco Sketch. “With a market oversaturated with filer apps, users yearn for something fresh and unique. Deco Sketch fill that void in a fashion that offers almost unlimited creative opportunities. Deco Sketch is a professional grade tool that is easily accessible to both skilled and casual artists. I’ve had such fantastic feedback and have received some truly amazing pieces from the mobile art community. I look forward to seeing what new users create as they begin sharing their work.”

Deco Sketch Update Features:
* 2 new brushes with over 26 styles
* 14 new presets for existing brushes
* Eyedropper tool to create custom color palettes from photos
* Improved UI with advanced color options one tap away
* 10 uniques brushes with 130 variations and 15 customizable attributes

This update is free, if you have previously purchased this app. If not, you can download it here, it retails for $2.99/£1.99.




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2 thoughts on “Deco Sketch Pro – Updated

  1. This is without a doubt one of the best new apps to come along in a long time.
    It is unique and it is that uniqueness that makes it so special.
    The results I have obtained using it have thus far been stellar.
    I have a nine year old autistic son who loves to doodle in Deco Sketch too.

    I can highly recommend this app.

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