‘One Photo A Day In The Worst Year Of My Life’ – Time Lapse Of Domestic Violence


One photo a day projects are not new and in the mobile world they’re incredibly popular. PetaPixel have picked up a great story inspired by Noah Kalina’s Everyday project which actually features one self portrait a day and has been running since January 11, 2000. Kalina uploaded those images into time-lapse videos and they quickly went viral back in 2006 and 2012.

We have posted the timelapse video below that PetaPixel picked up and it is based on the same subject idea, a portrait a day, except in this case is shows images of a woman living/experiencing domestic violence. At first the images look beautiful but slowly you will begin to see the effects, not only on her face with brusining and injuries but also the hurt within her eyes.

This is a disturbing video, so please do not watch it, if you feel that you may be adversely affected. It is an intriguing photographic idea with a subject matter that everyone needs to be more aware of.

(These images were created with artists makeup and fortuntately no one was phyiscally hurt in the making of this video).

Also, this video is actually part of a Croatian public service announcement to draw attention to this all to common problem.





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