Percolator 2.3 Coming Soon!

John Balestrieri just pointed us to a post on his blog explaining the upcoming update to the popular app, Percolator. Here’s what he has to say about it:

"This will be a free update that includes all the stuff that was in the unreleased 2.2 version, plus some new things. Here’s a complete list of what’s new:

    •    A new Brew: Percolator boldly enters the 1960s with “Tripstamatic!”
    •    A new Brew: Percolator gets wobbly with “Charmed” circles!
    •    A new Serve Tone: “Flash Burn”—A high contrast vignette
    •    Even smaller circles with the new Tiny Circles Grind Effect
    •    A new Grind Effect: “Woodblock”—Converts your photo to 4 colors before Percolating for a very bold look!
Export & Import
    •    Example images make great starting points for your own percs!
    •    Maximum ‘Save To Photos’ size is now 3584 pixels! (Maximum export size for iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPad 1 is 2048 pixels.)
    •    Customizable image export settings
    •    Send to Instagram with the option to Crop
    •    Send to a Postcard with Sincerely!
    •    Send your Percs to other photo apps or Copy to the Clipboard
    •    Import via Paste and from other photo app’s sharing features
    •    Support for the 4 inch Retina display
    •    Retina support for iPad 3
    •    New UI for the Import and Export menus—In addition to the sleek new look, I now have plenty of room to keep adding features.
    •    Many tiny improvements that you may not notice, but make Percolator even more awesome

Percolator retails for $1.99/£1.49 in the App Store and you can download it here.



This release offers higher quality exported images, including uncompressed PNGs. The Large export setting will export a maximum image size of 30723072, while the Original size setting supports images up to 3584 pixels. The maximum export size for iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPad 1 is still 20482048 pixels because of device limitations.

Since a few of you want even higher resolution output for craft or graphic production work, I will be adding PDF export to the next update as a small In App Purchase. The In App Purchase will help me cover Percolator’s ongoing development and free updates, like version 2.3.







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