A Happy Accident? You Decide – iPad Cover


The colors that Apple provide for their magnetic smart iPad covers are quite decent to most of us, red, blue, green, black etc but Simeon an iOS app developer fancied a tanned leather look that he hoped as it aged would look better. So, he picked up the leather version but he discovered that actually, the more he used it, the less it aged in the way he wanted. So he took matters into his own hands and tanned his with his coffee. Not only that he has also written a tutorial about it. Take a look at this link.




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4 thoughts on “A Happy Accident? You Decide – iPad Cover

  1. If you runs out of coffee, he can always dip the cover it in hot water and make himself and espresso. Heheheh…;-)

    • Carlos, dontcha think more than a few espresso’s fueled this little project? I am still laughing at this post. The thing is, you have to KNOW that someone, somewhere is going to be experimenting :).

  2. The next Martha Stewart. I hear Ladies Home Journal is hiring a DIY accessories editor.
    I did enjoy the Lucite handled pastry brush.

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