Apple Releases New Budget iPod Touch Without Rear Camera


Apple have very quietly dropped a brand new iPod Touch into the Apple Store. It’s a 16GB model and 4-inch Retina display and retails for $229/£199.

This budget model does not have a rear camera that’s the biggest sacrifice at least to us. It does sport a dual-core Apple A5 processor and the same screen as the four-inch iPhone and iPod Touch. You can use it for FaceTime communication thanks to its front facing camera. It’s only available in silver currently and you can read more about it here.

If you can afford a little more you can pick up the iSights iPod Touch with a 32GB hard drive and both front and rear cameras for $299/£249 – find out more here.




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1 thought on “Apple Releases New Budget iPod Touch Without Rear Camera

  1. Now it’ll be even easier to afford geoDefense and Orbital (even though that one is on Android now)! I stayed up way too late many a night playing geoDefense (try 4am). Then my iPod Touch got dropped and even somehow ended up in the oven and got burnt (I don’t know, it just happened)! No more geoDefense! 🙁

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