Kevin Carter Lead Technical Editor For DxO Mark Scores Samsung Galaxy S4 Highly


Kevin Carter our Head of Technical Hardware as well as the Lead Technical Editor for DxO Mark and the British Journal of Photography among others, recently as tested the Samsung S4 smartphone, as dpreview have quoted, ‘DxO analyzed 14 aspects of mobile imaging including detailed image quality assessment, flash performance, autofocus reliability and more to calculate a final score’.

Kevin scored the smartphone with a DxOMark Mobile score of 75 which ranks it as number two in the DxO smartphone rankings, between Nokia’s 808 and the Apple iPhone 5. Kevin reports that the Samsung Galaxy S4 captures images with “impressive detail preservation in bright light conditions,” “good auto-exposure even with difficult outdoor situations” and “good image quality with the flash.” Images also showed “pleasant and rich colors in all lighting conditions” and the “autofocus is fast and accurate in both auto and trigger mode.”

On the downside: he observed “important loss of detail in low light due to noise reduction,” “strong ringing” and “slight color shading under low tungsten light.”

You can read his full review on the DxO Mark site here and you can read about how dpreview will be incorporating these results into the S4 review shortly, here.




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