A Picture’s Worth – With Lisa Waddell


A Picture’s Worth… is where we ask mobile photographers that have taken or made, as the case may be, powerful mobile art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this A Picture’s Worth today Lisa Waddell discusses her image ‘From The Depth of Despair’ and explains very clearly her reasons for photographing this wonderful image and processing it in the way that she has. Thank you Lisa for sharing that story and time in your life with us, I feel for you.

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Over to you Lisa…(foreword by Joanne Carter).



“It is no secret that flowers, whether living or dying, are my favorite subject to shoot. I buy fresh flowers every couple of weeks; study them from all angles; and capture them in all phases of life. It is also no secret that the week of April 15th was a very sad time in the United States. The week started with the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings, continued with the devastating explosion in West, Texas and finished with the lock down of whole sections of Boston as the manhunt for the bombers unfolded. We were already feeling great sadness in my house because, two weeks prior to the 15th, we watched our beloved Boston Terrier become sicker and sicker until we found ourselves at the veterinarian’s office holding him as he was put down. This sunflower sat on my kitchen counter where I had been photographing it for several days. On the day I captured this particular image I saw in it the emotions of the past weeks. It was very easy coming up with the perfect title for it–From the Depths of Despair.



I shot this image on my iPhone 4s using the 6×6 camera app. I originally used color film but knew it would look much better (and match my mood) if I converted it to black and white. I used the Agfa APX (vignette) filter in the B&W Film pack in Alt Photo. Next I applied a bit of grunge using Scratchcam then finished it by resizing it and adding a watermark”.

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11 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth – With Lisa Waddell

  1. Your work is not only beautiful, but it always reflects your heart and soul… <3 Thank you for sharing this with us! xoxo

    • Ditto…I sorry for the loss of your doggie…very tough part since they are so much part of our family.

  2. I’m sadden by the lost of your beloved pet. Though, I believe it played a large part in creating this wonderful composition. Had it not been for those sorrowful moments we probably would have seen a different creation. Thanks for the explanation of your process. After viewing your work, I’m always thinking of new ways to compose and title. Your work is very inspiring. Glad to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve.

  3. A very powerful and beautiful image, Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing this…and your “recipe” with us! I’m off to check out Alt Photo!!

  4. Always love your images. Do you shoot in natural light? Flash? Do you use a photographer’s lightbox or similar set up to avoid background interference?

  5. [tears in eyes] Lisa, your flower images are always so full of emotion and oh so lovely. Thanks for sharing the story behind this particular one. Muah!

  6. I love your flowers Lisa. Always so beautiful. Your story behind this one is very moving. I can totally relate to the loss of a pet – so sorry that you went through this. Thanks for sharing the story <3

  7. I have been remiss in not thanking y’all sooner!! Please know how much I appreciate your lovely comments and the thoughts about our sweet Sam! I’m so pleased that the emotion in this image could be so easily felt. Thanks again! xoxoxo

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