Is This The New Apple iPhone 5S?

It’s not long until Autumn/fall and of course for Apple fans around the world that means just one thing this year – the new iPhone 5S/6 – well Apple must be producing these devices already to ensure they’re ready for shipping in a few months time, so we’re going to see quite a few rumor sites offering up images of what they preceive the new device to be like. have come up with some interesting pictures. As BGR also points out ‘The high-resolution photos show the iPhone 5S display assembly next to an iPhone 5 display, and they clearly highlight all of the design changes found on the new panel. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S will feature a fairly significant internal redesign as Apple seeks to improve on the iPhone 5 and possibly make room for new components, such as a fingerprint scanner. Several photos of the iPhone 5S display follow below’.






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