Streets Ahead – Visual Diary Article ‘s u p e r s t a r’ – By JQ Gaines


Before sharing this weeks’ featured story… I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their submissions to Backspaces! It’s been such a privilege to read (and learn about) your visual explorations… and I really wish we could highlight all of them. But unfortunately, we have space for only one and this is published every week on the main site.

So please make sure to visit our page ( on the Backspaces app to see all the work that is being done. And also, please continue to tag your stories with #theappwhispererstreetsahead, so that we can find them… and enjoy them and feature them here!



‘This week for our Visual Diary Segment, we are featuring “S u p e r s t a r” by ModestOhs (Rowena Modesto). We think her story and images lend an interesting approach to street photography. She tells the story of a single experience through a sequence of many images.  And even though all of these photographs do not have the same treatment of color and tones, Rowena kept the ambiance very consistent. We can look at one image independently, and appreciate its story and visual beauty… or we can view them as a series. Either way, we’re visually satisfied… and we feel like we’re actually there, watching the performance’.



©JQ Gaines

s u p e r s t a r  – By modestOhs


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3 thoughts on “Streets Ahead – Visual Diary Article ‘s u p e r s t a r’ – By JQ Gaines

  1. Being so far from home folks like Rowena Modesto bring me glimpse of it daily.
    Love how she sees and seize those NY moments that are gone too fast.
    Thanks for this share.

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