Technical Tutorial – ProCam Updates – ‘They’re At It Again!’


Procam is proving to be one of those great apps whose developers are constantly working to make it even better. These past couple of weeks has shown this to be true in that they’ve come out with two great updates. I thought I’d put together a quick review of what’s new in this app.

We have previously published other great tutorials using this app, if you have missed those, please go here. ProCam retails for $0.99/$0.69 and you can download it here.




One of the things they’ve done is to put the Photo and Video settings under separate tabs in the SET menu. This certainly makes life easier…particularly since there are a number of settings available for both functions.



This is a fun new shooting mode: Sound Snap! Simply clap, whistle, snap your fingers…or any other loud noise…and it will set off a timed shutter release. Great for selfies!! (It would appear that you’re locked into a 3 second delay…I couldn’t find any setting that would let me change this).



An addition to Procam’s Night Mode shooting mode – a timer! Given that any vibration could make for a blurry low-light exposure, having this is a great feature.



In the video settings, the developers have added a time-lapse date stamp feature (B) as well as an Audio meter (A) to provide real time audio level feedback while you record. Nice touches!



Along with the Audio meter, you also have additional controls on your recording sound.



You might have noticed in the SET menu, a Style tab that in the past allowed you to in-app purchase different “skins” for your Procam control panel. These skins are now free! (I’ve decided to go with the blue one for now…).

Finally, they also made it so that the UI orientation now automatically adjusts at the launch of the app…and updated their User guide to reflect all of these changes. You can find the guide in the INFO tab in the SET menu. So there you are, many great updates to this app. If you like these and/or have any
suggestions please make sure to RATE/REVIEW them in the App Store or contact them at

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