MyBrushes Pro – Now Available For iPhone Users Too


MyBrushes Pro has long been a favourite photo editing app for iPad users and now iPhone users can enjoy it too. It’s just been launched specfically for the iPhone and features UNLIMITED Size Canvas + UNLIMITED Layers + UNLIMITED Undo / Redo Steps.

It has a simple and easy interface that you don’t need knowledge of color system such as RGB, HSV and others. There are more than 100 preset realistic brushes to simulate the effect of Brush painting, Watercolor painting, Oil painting, Chinese painting, Drawing, Chinese Calligraphy, and so on. It allows anyone to easily create your own artworks even that you haven’t much knowledge on painting. It aims to be simple and fast at what it does’.

This app retails for $1.99/£1.49 and you can download it here.




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