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We recently announced that we would be featuring a photo competition every single day within our brand new Competitions category – maximising the opportunities you have to enter great contests and not to miss them.

Today, we’re featuring the Lights Up Design Contest, ignite your creative spirit and light up MINI Space like MINI Art Beat is lighting up London! Capture the vibrancy of your city’s brightest nighttime neon, a radiant tangle of low-hanging bulbs, or a glowing streak of cars driving by. Go natural and catch the brilliance of an early morning sunrise. Or find illumination in the bright lustre of downtown lights. On MINI Space, lights are taking centre stage. Show it to us in all its gleaming varieties – soft and atmospheric or glaring and focused. Sometimes all it takes is the right lighting to transform something standard into something spectacular.

The selection criteria are based on creativity, uniqueness and the fit to competition brief. Aside from that, there will be an “Audience Prize” awarded for the background that attracts the most votes from registered users during the period of the competition.

Click here to enter and find out more.


Contest Prize & Terms



First Place: 21.5-inch Apple iMac 2.9 Ghz & MINI Liquid Mouse

Second Place: Nikon D5200 Camera & MINI Britcar USB Stick

Third Place: Roberts DBA/FM radio

Popular Vote Prize: Projector Keyboard

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