Streets Ahead – Fourteenth Edition

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of Streets Ahead, a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers.

Each week we have a curator review all of the work submitted to our Flickr group, and present a few of their favorite shots along with some thoughtful commentary about the technique, composition, subject matter, and a short description of why they thought each photo was special. We also present a sampling of all the work submitted in a showcase video.

We select all the images for the column from the Streets Ahead Flickr group. To be considered for next week, please submit your best shots here. We also have a Facebook Streets Ahead group where we share information and have discussions (who, what, when, where, why, and how) about Street Photography.

Your enthusiasm and support for this collective has been tremendous. If you are a woman street photographer please join our growing community!



“Friday Afternoon, Part 3” – by Cecily Caceu


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I really admire Cecily’s perspective in this photograph. I feel as though I am walking right alongside this group of men, trying to keep up with their fast pace and conversation. I think her processing and filter choices perfectly compliment their attire… which suggests a step backwards in time. However, when we pay closer attention to the details, we will notice the modern cars whizzing by in the city streets… and for me, this adds a subtle dose of curiosity and confusion to the visual journey. Very nicely seen and captured, Cecily!!

“Cityrail Prophet” – by Chantale Roxanas


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I just learned of Chantale Roxanas work this week from our Flickr Group… and boy, am I happy I did! Her black & white Hipstamatic street shots are simple, clean and full of character and story. With this photograph, Chantale definitely saw a perfect composition of juxtapositions, light contrast,and textures. And even though I’m curious about why the man is standing there, holding his head… my eyes can’t help but wander over to the woman who is sitting and texting in the darkness. For me the visual impact of this photograph is that the woman is sending out messages… while the man is standing there receiving them. Such a brilliantly seen and captured moment!

“Ling Goh on the Tube” – by Frederique Bellec


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I think this photograph has a simple yet elegant feel to it, complete with with clean spatial division and tones. Initially, my attention was focused on Ling Goh’s beauty and costume. However, the more I studied her face, the more my eyes became curious about what she was gazing upon… and it was at this point I became aware of the advertisement reflection in the window. I immediately felt a surge of sadness for Ling. What thoughts and impressions were floating through her mind as she gazed upon these two Italian lovers?

“Remember” – by Olga Kasatkina


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The ratio that Olga chose for this photograph is absolutely perfect! Not only does it compliment the overall composition, but it also creates tremendous empty space in the foreground, which I think punctuates the loneliness we feel for this woman. I also am struck by the rhythmic pattern of vertical lines that stretch across the entire picture… I think they beautifully separate the fast movement we see in the background with the static stillness we experience in the foreground. Beautifully seen and processed, Olga!


“Peek A Boo”- – by Tracey Renehan


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I think Tracey’s Street Photography is truly some of the finest in the Mobile Photography community… and this photograph is another shining example of her work. All the visual elements work so beautifully together. But the best part of this photograph for me, is her point of view. Tracey clearly walked right up to this man and snapped this as he happened to be looking around the building And how perfect that this young woman was in his visual path, walking away! For me, this is a gorgeous example of getting “up close” and personal with your subject… beautiful work, Tracey!


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JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.