Creatives, photographers, designers, writers and artists will soon have a brand new platform through which to exhibit their work to a worldwide audience while being paid to do so. VIZN is a totally innovative community that seeks to empower creatives and reward them for their work, turning the traditional agency model and marketplace fee structure on its head.

The arrival of the digital age has made it unbelievably easy for artists and writers to share their work with a worldwide audience through the use of blog sites, social media and other such forums. Although this undoubtedly has had a positive effect on the way creatives showcase their work, there has always been one vital component missing from this model. Granted, the internet has given people a way to share their work with a wider audience, but unfortunately in most cases this means they end up giving their hard work away for free.

When VIZN launches later this month, it hopes to change that. Not only will artists, writers, illustrators and photographers be given a single community driven platform through which to share their work with the world, they will also have two distinctly different means to earn money from their work. They will be able to earn royalties based on the amount of views they receive through an accompanying on-demand viewing application, or sell/license their work directly to buyers at significantly lower rates than charged by the current market. Their unique and innovative model puts the power back into the hands of the creative.



“As an artist or a writer it is important for your content to reach the broadest audience possible. The individual photography, design, illustration and creative writing web sites that exist today too often expect creative artists to display their work for free and are often dominated by one particular style or genre and therefore don’t provide the tools or the right platform for the content to safely reach a broader audience than the enthusiast and professional community. We believe that if you want to get your work in front of more people, it needs to be an authoritative, engaging and user-friendly site for the broader Internet population and that is why we will also be leveraging leading domain names such as, and as subject specific content channels to feed in to our central VIZN platform. Our approach is to put the right controls in place to avoid showing full screen content without any compensation for the artist or writer and our artistic content on-demand approach achieves this.”

In the licensing market today, if an artist or photographer for example, is to gain any monetary reward for their work, it usually means they will have to go through an agency that will charge extortionate fees – often 60% or more! It is little wonder why many artists end up giving their work away for free in return for publicity. VIZN’s user-driven licensing sales options, eliminates high agency fees. In addition, VIZN’s royalty based model for on-demand viewing brings a whole new business model to the creative arts market, as disruptive as Spotify has been to the Music Industry, and rewards the artists based on the quality of and demand for their work and therefore fairly encourages them to publish their work.

VIZN also creates an open platform through which likeminded individuals can share and discuss their ideas, forge working relationships and promote their work with a firm focus being on constructive feedback and debate. One thing is for certain, once it is launched this October, VIZN will change the face of online creativity forever.

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About VIZN
VIZN is a London-based, Global Creative Arts Platform, enabling the public to explore multiple art forms and content creators to earn income from displaying and selling their work through associated on-demand applications and a user driven licensing market.

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