An Intimate Exhibition Features 10 Artists during Art Basel Miami through January 31 2014


It’s fitting that the Lord Balfour hotel in South Beach host an art exhibit entitled ‘WORD’ from December 1 – January 31. Why? Well, step into the hotel and you will immediately see a key design detail – an almost origami like scroll on the ceiling that includes several famous quotes from Lord Balfour and Winston Churchill.  Balfour coined a few phrases that linger today:  “Make it short and sweet“ is etched into mirrors in the loos.  A book of letters was published in 1992 between Balfour and Lady Elcho – who were said to be “greater than friends and less than lovers” scandalous for the time and titles.  So hosting an exhibition at the hotel in which words are a central theme makes perfect sense.  The exhibit has been organized by PinkBastard and includes works by artists Adriana Carvalho, Alissa Christine, Katie Flood, Kevin Foltz, Cory Foote, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Franklin Sinanan, Lauren Swartzbaugh, VILTE and David Zalben.

Brazilian born Adriana Carvalho resides in Miami but was introduced to the welding process in Chicago.  She creates artwork out of passion and ideas from circumstances in daily life.  Sexy lingerie made with harsh metal products appear as light as a feather and the messages woven into the sculptures represent her dreams, fears and social commentary. 

Modern conveniences have manufactured a swift and vapid style of letter writing. Artist Cory Foote documents his digital experience using a large format 4×5 camera, film, photographic paper, and an iPhone.  “I send over 1,160 text messages every month… they are rarely of any remarkable worth.” Foote created a physical document of his digital experiences with communications in an age of mobile phones and social networking websites.

Miami based artist David Zalben was born in Brooklyn. Bending wire into sculpture he transforms verse into a visual art form that is not only sculptural, but tells a story of love, vexation and spiritual growth.  “I’m fascinated with complicated simplicity, and wire allows me to invent with just my hands and a pair of pliers,” says Zalben.  Zalben’s works are truly beautiful in their sculptural sense, while the words provide a depth that far exceeds mere aesthetics.


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