Diptic Video – New App From Peak Systems


Peak Systems the developers of the popular Diptic app have just released a brand new app, Diptic Video. It’s an app that allows you to create video collages using video clips or still images or a combination. You can combine up to four video clips or photos into one of their 35 layouts. There are various playback features including Loop for continuous playback. There’s also the facility to add soundtrack to your videos by selecting any track from your iPhone and a whole host more. The longest video you can import is 1:59.

You can export sequential videos to be the length of each video so that you could really export 1:59×4.  If you play videos simultaneously, you can set the length to either the length of a clip (up to 1:59) or predefined length, which is capped at 15seconds.

Diptic Video requires iOS and retails for $1.99/£1.49. You can download it here.




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