New Poetry/iPhone Photography Book – ‘Area 51’ – By Jay Desind And Giveaway!


We’re delighted to mention that Jay Desind’s latest book – Area 51 – is now availble for download in the iBookstore. This is Jay’s third Poetry/photography book and it fully utilises the iBook functionality with each book, all the poems can also be listened to by touching the title, and each photo can also be touched to view a drop down menu that goes on to describe Jay’s experience when taking that specific photograph and the thoughts behind the poem. All the poems are about the concept of love and relationships. Each image has been captured and/or edited with Jay’s iPhone.

Area 51 retails for £7.99 in the iBookstore and from most of the proceeds Jay gets from selling these books he actually ‘gives back’ to the community, in the form of donating old iPhones to those in need or supporting causes of fellow artists with medical conditions. Jay says, ‘I always think back to the the group of the impressionists who banded together in France and literally took care of each other as their art grew more into acceptance. I think this is also the case with iPhone photography and the modern way we communicate and build alliances through social sharing sites’.

We have copies of Jay’s latest book to giveaway, if you would like like a copy, please join our ever expanding Twitter followers, Facebook and Instagram fans, RETWEET THIS POST and send a reply to the bottom of this page telling us what you love most about




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