Paris Mobile Photography Award Is Open!


Many thanks to Cedric Blanchon for bringing this fabulous Award to our attention. Organized by Tribegram, the second edition of The Mobile Photography Fair in Paris is held from Nov. 29th until Dec. 1st 2013. To celebrate this event, an international challenge is organized from Nov.7th until Nov. 21st  to award the best Mobile Photographer in five categories : B&W, Portrait, Landscape, Abstraction, and Street Photography.

The tribegram awards are a special nod given to emergent mobile photographers coming from all over the world. Held in France, they are designed to help Mobile Photography to become a recognized art form within the photography world, and the art world in general.

To enter the awards, the photograph needs to show a body of work that is made and edited only from a smartphone. You can only enter ONE category.

The awards are opened in five categories :
B&W, Street, Landscape, Portrait, and Abstraction.

To enter :
You need to tag your photos on Instagram, Eyeem or send them to us with Facebook. If you don’t use any of them, please send one link to your site/blog with the category you want to enter to welcome (at)

The tags :
B&W : #tribegram_nb2013
Street : #tribegram_street2013
Portrait : #tribegram_portrait2013
Landscape : #tribegram_landscape2013
Abstraction : #tribegram_abstract2013


The judges are renowned French mobile photographers:

B&W : Julie Méric and Jefferson Kent
Street : Agnès Lanteri and Hannibal Renberg
Portrait : Nathalie Baurain, Emmananou et No_bo_dy
Landscape : Mélanie Jean et Séverine Bourlet
Abstraction : Cédric Blanchon




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