Photography Tip Of The Day – Number 45


Digital Camera World is quite an interesting magazine and we we came across an article over the weekend packed with famous photographers tips. We’re going to publish one each day, they’re not mobile but have a broader reach. We think you’ll enjoy this.

The next one we’re going to mention is by Alex Majoli a Photojournalist and Magnum Photographer born in Ravenna in 1971. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Granta and National Geographic – you can read more about Alex here.

Alex’s tips are somewhat at odds with each other but we’re sure you will find them interesting…




Alex recommends that you:

Don’t act like a photographer. Don’t think like a photographer. Don’t believe what you are thinking before you are seeing. Walk, walk and walk and to do all of these tips fast!

Interesting ideas, would love to know what you think…

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