LightTrac Now Available for Windows 8


We are happy to announce that LightTrac is now available for all Windows 8 PCs and Tablets. With Live tile support and modern UI design, LightTrac for Windows 8 has been built from the scratch to feel native to the platform yet feel familiar to the existing users. You can expect the same user friendly features that you are used to on the iOS version, here as well.

To try to dispel in app advertising, the developers are offering everyone a 7-day free trial of full version of LightTrac so you can install it on all of your Windows laptops, desktops and tablets and try them first before deciding if you like to purchase it. So please do click the link below to try it.


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LightTrac is a tool for outdoor photographers, it allows you to quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subjects outdoors. The elevation and angle of Sun changes throughout the year depending on the location, date as well as the time of day. LightTrac calculates both the elevation and angle of Sun and Moon for any date & time, for any place on earth and plots it on top of a satellite map. Armed with this information and with an extremely easy to use interface, you can now plan your photo shoot even several months ahead of time and position yourself at the right spot at the right time for that perfect shot.


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