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We have just completed this epic showcase of The Best Mobile Photography and Art images of 2013. All of these images were in our favourites section of our Mobile Photography & Imagery Flickr Group. We have painstakingly worked our way through over 5,500 favourited images, from an original 71,000. No mean feat but by viewing this showcase you are assured of viewing the immense talent within the mobile photography and mobile art community. It is incredibly impressive.

Please do note that we have not been able to include everyones favourited images, there’s just too many, we have had to be very selective to condense it. Please be assured that if any of your images are in the Mobile Photography & Imagery favourited section, they’re there for one reason and one reason only, because they’re extremely good.

We really hope you enjoy this showcase, it has been great to compile and see how each artists’ images and ideas have changed through the months of 2013. These images represent every month of 2013, it really is an incredible showcase.

Many congratulations to the following artists on being featured today, links to each image can be found by selecting the relevant artists name below:

Urban muser, Lene Basma, Saverio Mazzotta, Dan Marcolina, Maryjane Sarvis, Ruthie St Steven, Tess Gomm, Kerryn Benbow, serap gunay, Michael Hill, Scott Woodward, Mansi, Lisa Waddell, Gizem Karayavuz, kCe7, Janine Graf, Gusbano, Jamie Stewart / myowneye, Komeda / Philip Park, Amo iPhoneography, Lynda Martin, Riamolde, RobinLDN, Thomas Kakareko, Maddy McCoy, Tracy J Thomas, Veronica Hassell, Arijana Gurdon, Grace Brignolle, Michelle Robinson, Koci Hernandez, Sheldon Serkin, Paula Gardener, Carlein, Fernando Prats, Paul Brown, Louise Fryer, brookshaw, JQ Gaines, AlexVisage iPhoneography, Ann MK, Lee Atwell, Federica Corbelli, Gianluca Ricoveri, Scott Terrill, Gustavo Racca, Gustavo Racca, Flavio Milani, Liz Traynor, Fox Harvard, Cindi Hobgood, Aylin Argun, Giancarlo Beltrame , Tracey Renehan, Albion Harrison-Naish, iVana J.B. Lee Thatcher, Lene Basma, Eloise Capet, Mohsen Chinehkesh, Wilder Biral, devine1225aaa, mutablend, Chad Rankin, Alon Goldsmith, Cecily Mariece Caceu, Sacha Dohmen, Jennifer Bracewell, Paul J Rose, Mark T Simmons, Roger Guetta, Anthony Foster, Cathrine Halsor, Sharon LuVisi, BlemishedEye / David Booker, Cedric Blanchon, Cindy Patrick, Benamon Tame, Alex / librarymook, Kristina, Clif Wright, Lumilyon / Nettie Edwards, Yuriy Leskiv, SLP…, Nico Brons, Candic Railton/Clay 3, Marie Matthews, Davide Capponi, Ade Santora, Natali Prosvetova, Maarten Oortwijn, Sarah Jarrett, Petyr Campos, Tuba Korhan, Souichi Furusho, Laura Peischl, Karen Divine, Keisuke Takahashi, Brendan O Se, kCe7, Mariko, Pu the Owl, Pamela Hochschartner Viola, Elaine / Luxtra, Elodie Hunting, Cara Gallardo Weil, Catherine Restivo, Frederique Bellec, Laetitia Harnie Coussau, Vivi Hanson Sacredote, Mel Harrison, Jennifer Sharpe, Anne-Martine Parent,

Music this week is:

A Chantar Mer – Angels of Venice
O Come O Come Emmanuel – Stanton Lanier
Alleluias Dancing – Stanton Lanier

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‘outtake’ – Fox Harvard – flickr link


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