Fourteen Female Photographers You Should Know Right Now…


PhotoShelter have put together a great article, highlighting fourteen outstanding female photographers and their work. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, we could add plenty more – specifically female mobile photographers that you should know now. Nonetheless, the creativity, style, ingenuity and integrity of these photographers is second to none.

Perhaps, the one that hits home most to me, is the the work by New York based Sara Naomi Lewkowicz. ‘Sara rose to prominence with her domestic abuse essay in Ohio entitled “Shane and Maggie” while pursuing a Master’s degree at Ohio University. Like Donna Ferrato’s work from a generation prior, Lewkowicz bore witness to the often hidden violence that permeates segments of domestic life, and captured important images while re-opening the question of when should a photographer intervene. Her stunning work won the 2013 Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award and the 1st prize stories for Contemporary Issues at the  2013 World Press Photos Awards’.

Read the complete article here and marvel at the images.




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