iOS Photography App – Impossible Project – Major Update


As you all know we’re working much closer with the Imposible Project team and we’re delighted to inform our readers of their first major update to their app. Designed in collaboration with Berlin-based developers, nxtbgthng, the free iOS app enables users to transform any digital photo stored on an iPod Touch and iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c into a Polaroid-type analog instant picture via the new Impossible Instant Lab.

But it also offers so much more, not least that there will soon also be an Android version – due for release mid 2014.

Here are 6 things you probably didn’t know about the Impossible Project app:

Click here to download the free Impossible Project app

It Puts An Impossible Shop in Your Pocket…


The in-app shop allows you to browse and purchase directly from your phone Impossible’s entire range of instant films for Polaroid-type SX-70, 600, Spectra/Image and 8 x 10, as well as the classic, refurbished Polaroid cameras and their own Impossible Instant Lab, no matter where you are.

… And The Impossible Gallery Too


Impossible’s entire global community, along with your own Impossible Gallery, is now at your fingertips. You can upload and share your instant photos, as well as discover, ‘like’, and comment on images from users around the world. Thanks to improvements in the design, the Gallery is more fluid, intuitive and fun experience, and interaction with others is easier than ever.

It Brings Your Impossible Profile to Life


With Impossible’s push notifications. you won’t miss another ‘like’, comment, upcoming event or news from a friend, follower or the wider Impossible world. You can browse data about followers and their photos (and your own).

It’s A Portable Scanner


No time to digitise your instant photographs on a bulky desktop scanner? The app’s Scanner function means you can scan and crop your images perfectly with your phone.

It Puts Impossible’s Online Competitions in Your Pocket


Each month, Impossible run international instant photography competitions that offer a range of exciting prizes. The app makes them easy to enter.

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