reShoot Turns Novices into Savvy Video Storytellers with launch of Free iOS app


Wally World Media, Inc. proudly announces the release of reShoot for iPhone and iPad, a free video app that delivers a comprehensive solution for people looking for a simple but powerful video creation tool.

The app centers around two core ideas — mobile video projects should be open-ended, as opposed to collecting bunches of unsorted mini-clips; and quick fixes to videos should be straightforward and painless.

reShoot’s “open-ended” feature allows users to return to a reShoot project and add new footage with automatic clip-stitching. This feature allows users to tell longer form stories without needing to splice together bunches of short video clips, after-the-fact. The user-friendly functionality gives even the most novice iOS videographer the tools to create a thoughtful, easy-to-follow video story with no length restrictions.

The app also makes quick edits easy through patent-pending technology that lets users “reShoot” new scenes until they have the perfect video. Inserting clips into a video project is also extremely simple. Users can insert old footage from the camera roll, insert new footage captured on-the-spot, add commentary using the front-facing camera, or even video bomb someone else’s video project. The app’s sharing functionality lets users publish and share their videos with friends and family via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

reShoot was designed to make video editing simple for any iOS user and to let people capture important moments in one stream without cluttering their device with dozens of videos.

“Clipping together and editing videos can be painful and time consuming, and most people never get around to it,” said Darin Myman, CEO of Wally World Media. “reShoot lets the user leave video projects open, stop and restart videos with ease and easily create their personal highlight reel over any period of time.”

“reShoot enables almost anyone to be a film producer without requiring editing skills; and by doing this we have unlocked mobile video’s real potential,” added Myman.“ Whether you need to make a video to sell your car or just capture life’s important moments, it’s now easy with reShoot. It is how we believe all video cameras should work.”

We haven’t tested this app yet but the feedback we heard looks promising. reShoot is available for free on the iTunes App Store/click here





•    Open-ended projects: Close reShoot when filming is done, and come back any time to seamlessly add new footage thanks to automatic clip-stitching
•    reShoot: Go back and overwrite video you don’t want, to make the perfect video
•    Insert Clip: Add new or existing footage to any part of a video project
•    videoArc: Add new footage to projects previously saved to the camera roll
•    Preview: Watch your project while it’s in-progress and edit on the fly
•    Social Sharing: Share your videos with friends and family by email, text, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
•    Clippers to cut any portion of a video: Easily pinpoint any segment you want to remove

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