‘APPart’ – Column with Mel Harrison Updated and Revamped!


We are delighted to announce that our wonderful APPart Column edited by Mel Harrison has today been revamped and updated. We are planning to generate lots more content relating to digital art and collages, this will include interviews with digital artists, tutorials, reviews, showcases, commentaries and news.

To help facilitate this update we have created a brand new Facebook Group specifically for this Column. It is called APPart and you can find it and join it here.

In addition we have also set up a brand new Flickr Group for this column. We would like to see all your digital art and collages added to this specialised group, we will select images for curation and showcases as well as commentary. This is the link to the Flickr group.

We can’t wait to publish our first interview and we’ll let you know when that’s live!



©Mel Harrison

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1 thought on “‘APPart’ – Column with Mel Harrison Updated and Revamped!

  1. Joanne,

    Is this only smartphone based work or will folks like me who are on a iPad / tablet be allowed to contribute?

    Be well


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