APPart – Vision Statement by Mel Harrison


We are delighted to publish our Mission Statement with regards to our updated and revamped APPart Column by Mel Harrison. Please take a moment to read this, we’re really excited to see where this will take us all, (foreword by Joanne Carter).

APPart- vision statement

Many apps across all platforms have the potential to be very powerful art tools. 
Never in our lifetime have artists been able to carry their complete art studio in their back pocket, via their digital device.

The aim of this group is the highlight the artistic possibilities of Apps. This is an art group not just an apped photography group, though photography elements have their place within collaged images.

We would like to expand and extend your boundaries. To explore the art world, be it the abstract, the surreal, the impressionist or your own unique style, through digital collage, drawing and painting directly on your chosen mobile device – this not only means smartphones but tablets too.

Every 2 weeks I will chose 5 images from the flickr group to highlight on my column at

I will contact selected artists with a brief set of questions about apps and processes used, and the vision behind their artwork.

There will also be a showcase highlighting the wonderful images created by our members. Occasionally I will be setting challenges, themes or specific apps to keep your creative minds afresh.

We hope you enjoy our group and we can’t wait to explore your artistry.





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2 thoughts on “APPart – Vision Statement by Mel Harrison”

  1. Fantastic! I totally agree with you on the impact apps have had on the art of photography. It will be exciting to see the works submitted to this group!

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