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We have just announced this brand new photo blending app Union, for intuitive editing and powerful surreal imagery by the developers of the very popular photo editing apps, Fragment and Tangent. If you missed that post, please go here.

This app, which we are still waiting for Apple to approve, any moment now, will retail for $1.99/£1.49 but we have free promo codes to share with our loyal readers. If you would like to be in with a chance of a free promo code, please join our ever expanding Twitter followers and Facebook fans, RETWEET THIS POST and send a reply to the bottom of this page telling us what you love most about theappwhisperer.com – come on make it good!





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47 thoughts on “Union – Brand New App iOS Photography – Giveaway”

  1. I enjoy checking out your page on facebook everyday, thank you for everything, and for the opportunity to win a copy of this new app.

  2. I don’t do a lot of “combination” style photography and art but this app just may well convince me to try it.

    What I love about TheAppWhisperer is simply that it has such a global appeal. Photographers can learn about and become interested in more “artistic” work, artists can become interested in using the medium of photography to add to their repertoire and those in neither camp can learn about both of them and take the plunge without feeling like they’re going to have wasted money on apps which won’t help them learn and progress.

  3. I already have Tangent and Fragment and cant wait to try Union. As ever, TAW remains my daily read and goto for uptodate reviews and tutorials. Thanks to Joanne and the devs!

  4. I really love the App Whisper and would love to get this new App Union… thanks for all the great APPs you introduce us to….

  5. Appwhisperer always gives in depth reviews of photography related things. And your reviews are top notch. For anybody whos interested in photography appwhisperer is a must follow. Great work guys. Congratz. And I would love to participate in this give away. Thanx

  6. A big fan of the Pixite developers from San Diego suite of wonderful mobile photography tools. I have them all and use them. Thanks for sharing the codes Scott and Eugene and the rest of the team.
    What more can I say that I have not already stated in past comments? The most awesome mobile photography website on planet earth. Theappwhisperer.com with Joanne Carter and all the contributing artist/developers that make this the best mobile photography site to read for all the latest news and technology available for anybody interested in mobile photography at any level. From beginner to advanced users! Yay!

  7. Daily reading of the appwhisperer has changed my life. Not only is my photography better . . . . . . but I’ve lost 25 lbs, given up caffeine, I can bench press 300 lbs., I have 200 new friends (on facebook anyway), I’ve written a best-selling novel, and I may have found a cure for the common cold!

    Thank you appwhisperer!!!

    Seriously, I love your site and your timely, informative posts!

  8. EVERY day I log into your site to keep up with all the latest tutorials as well as the latest news about apps and the world of mobile photography…TheAppWhisperer.com is DEFINITELY my “go to” source.

  9. You know why I love the App Whisperer Joanne. Because it’s full of awesome articles – especially by some guy called Skip ;-). I’d love a code if one’s going spare.

  10. Looks like a great new app I’d love to add to my collection. As always, adore your site especially the app news and your fabulous tutorials.

  11. This app looks very interesting. Thanks for all the updates on new apps. I really enjoy the interviews and insights of all the mobile photographers.

  12. The spirit of play is in all of us today more than ever and it is a process of continuous learning that will alter the perception of the world where these new Apps provide us with the tools for endless creativity…welcome Apps!

  13. HI Joanne
    I see I am way down on the list but I am always happy to win a giveaway and try a new app. Intuitive Editing and Surreal imagery sound worth a try. You know how much I love theappwhisper.
    Also, I am so sorry I missed your birthday Joanne and I hope it was a wild and wonderful celebration for you.

  14. The App Whisperer – the leading mobile photography application site – provides multivalent, sublime and timely mobile photography information. Even if I do not win, I will continue enjoying your site.

  15. Honest to the point reviews as well as great tutorials on all the top apps. I’ve discovered many apps through this page, thank you.

  16. Your site is a must-read for all lovers of photography, everything I have learned comes from your site, so thank you

  17. Always up to date on new apps and versions. Good source to find tutorials and see workflows from amazing Artists

  18. hello, I would like to try this union app for free. my favourite things about app whisperer at the moment are the impossible project articles. thanks

  19. I love the reviews and the showcases! Your web site is a terrific resource for aspiring iphoneographers.

  20. I love theappwhisperer because i love mobile apps , and this site keep me up to date with them , big fan of you

  21. Tweeted and reported on Facebook 🙂
    Been looking forward to this app for weeks! I’ve always been a fan of pixite apps!
    I just found out this website via icolorama’s app description and so impressed by the range and depth of your posts! Exactly the kind of website I’m looking for! Will be checking it out constantly
    ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛

  22. i love the appwhisperer because it deserve .. it’s full of helpful articles !
    i will be so happy if i got a code 🙁

  23. Your site is one I use when I am looking into new Photo Apps. Good reviews and Love the giveaways !

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