Samsung Galaxy S5 overview: Joint leader in DxOMark Mobile rankings – Kevin Carter


Kevin Carter our Head of Technical Hardware as well as the Lead Technical Editor for DxOMark and the British Journal of Photography among others, recently tested Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone.

DPReview use Kevin’s scientific data in their reviews, as they quote Kevin here, “The DxOMark team reports that the Galaxy S5 images show “good auto-exposure, pleasant, rich and realistic colors, good white balance, low noise levels in low light conditions and good sharpness and details in the center of the frame. ” The testers found “almost no color fringing or ringing” and liked the “good image quality with flash.”

On the downside there is “a noticeable loss of detail in low light conditions and non-uniform sharpness across the image field.” The team also found the AF not to be always accurate in Auto Mode.

In video mode the Galaxy S5 produces the “best mobile video tested to date”, with “good autofocus and good textures.” On the downside there are “visible color non-uniformities in some light conditions.”

To read on dpreview – go here
To read Kevin’s full technical test data at DxOMark, go here.




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