iOS 8: Pixite Photo Kit bundle and Big Fragment Update


As many of you may be aware the Apple App Store will be offering app bundles with the launch of iOS 8. The team at Pixite apps, will be bundling all five of their apps, which includes Tangent, LoryStripes, Fragment, Union and Matter within a new bundle called ‘Pixite Photo Kit’. They have also updated significantly Fragment and Matter to iOS 8. We have detailed more information relating to the Fragment update below:


Photo Editing Extension


You don’t even have to go searching for Fragment to do your edit. You can just browse your photos in the native app and do your Fragment edit directly inside Photos. And the edits are non-destructive and resumable so the next time you edit inside Photos, all the previous settings are preserved so you can start where you left off.


Unless you’re checking stock prices or the weather everyday, the Today view on the iPhone is often a feature people don’t use. However, this is about to change because Apple has opened up the Today view to developers, which has made the section a lot more interesting for many people. Pixite have made the Fragment and Matter inspirations sections, which are updated daily, available so you can check out cool photo edits people have made. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to fire up the apps and make cool edits of your own 🙂

The only caveat to the new widgets is that you don’t automatically see them and you have to opt-in. This means opening the Today view, scrolling all the way to the bottom, tapping the “Edit” button, going to the “Do Not Include” section, finding the widget (which there could be quite a few), and tapping on it to enabling it.



A lot of us start on Fragment edits on the phone but when we want to tweak the details, it’s usually quicker and more precise to do it on a bigger screen of an iPad. The way that Apple made the handoff accessible from the lock screen is smart. Turn on the device and swipe up on the Fragment app icon at the bottom of the lock screen.

Go here to view the handoff video demonstration.

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