iOS Photography App – 645 PRO MK III – Updated and We Have Codes To Giveaway


645 PRO MK III has been updated, it’s a hugely popular camera replacement app for iOS photography and there’s just one reason for that, it’s very good.

This update includes focus-peaking and auto-zoom (so you get a magnified version of the viewfinder to aid with focusing). As well as fully manual exposure, the developers have added two semi-automatic modes—Shutter Priority and ISO Priority—along with exposure compensation of up to ±3 Ev. White balance includes standard presets plus full custom white balance setting and the ability to lock the white balance to an 18% grey card.

Other new features include a proper, configurable exposure-bracketing option, and an enhanced review/share view.

We have included a video demonstration below of the new features and we have some codes to giveaway to our loyal readers.  All we ask is for you to reply to this post telling us what you love most about (we know how hard it is to get it down to one thing  and also retweet or FB this post). That’s it, we’ll enter your details into our magic hat and if you’re a winner, a code will soon be sitting in your inbox.

645 PRO MK III usually retails for $3.99/£2.49 and if you prefer, you can download/update it here.


645 PRO Mk III from on Vimeo.

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14 thoughts on “iOS Photography App – 645 PRO MK III – Updated and We Have Codes To Giveaway”

  1. The AppWhisperer is brilliant in so many aspects, yet it always seems to find a new angle on things.
    That said, what I love the most about it, is the personal and warm tone it has thanks to Joanne, without losing any professionality. Kudos.

  2. This is a fine piece of software!
    You are on top of things, Joanne, and that’s why I find myself here a lot. The App Reviews, Artist Interviews, free codes and a lot more, of course 🙂

  3. I recently came across your site and love the wealth of information regarding mobile photo apps as I have become an edit junkie

  4. Joanne does a great job keeping everyone up to date with the latest tips and tricks, introduces us to inspiring talented people and is helping to get iPhone photography the recognition and respect it deserves. I have been a photographer for 34 years, I have used all formats and yet the last 5 years with an iPhone have been the most fun I’ve ever had.

  5. I’ve loved this blog ever since I got started with iPhone photography. Check it almost every day–the news, tutorials, tips on free apps are all invaluable. Great work!

  6. The tutorials are absolutely awesome. Tips and tricks on how to take the most of my device are always welcome. 🙂

  7. I’ve just recently started following, but I love to stay updated on new apps and/or updates that may help me utilize my iPhone more effectively. Great blog!!!

  8. Love TAW! Lots of updates, info and gorgeous mobile photography. I always learn something from Joanne!

  9. I just sold my entire canon EOS DLSR system in favor of the permanent use of my iPhone plus camera. I purchased a set of lens and thought I was ready to go until I found your site and this information. I have purchased the 645 Pro iii and love it. Thank you so much for this very valuable insight and information. I am ready to roll now.

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