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A Picture’s Worth‘… is where we ask mobile photographers that have created powerful mobile photography/art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this A Picture’s Worth today we asked Rino Rossi to tell us more about her image ‘Discrete Machine’, she has done so beautifully below…


“I can only bless my first, casual encounter with the iPhone camera, which gradually became a machine to convert dreams. At first the only Hipstamatic, then countless other Apps (especially when used in combination) have helped me to discover “the visions beyond the vision”. Visions which, if combined with the emotional sphere of music (my other passion), lead me to a parallel universe of play, but at the same time, terribly intense, sometimes rich of colors, sometimes monochrome. Living in a country along the sea, I cannot  be influenced by the images that, since childhood, have crossed my eyes. The iphoneography offers me a great opportunity to filter them and return them laden with meanings and messages dream.

“Discrete Machine” is exactly a shining example : a railing on the boardwalk is shot with the iPhone native camera, chromatically and geometrically correct with Snapseed, dismembered by Decim8 and finally enriched with textures of Stackables. Citing Stanley Kubrick: “The real is fine, but the interesting is better.”

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