Shift – New iPhone Photography App Now Available! We Have Codes To Giveaway!


Shift by Pixite apps, developers of popular photo apps including Tangent, Fragment and Union is now available in the Apple App Store.  Shift is all about filters and lets you create your own personal photo filters with one tap of a button.  Start by loading a photo and pressing the Shuffle button. Shift intelligently combines textures, colors, and blends to produce stylish effects like vintage colors, grit and grunge, light leaks, and high contrast black and whites. Each shuffle is a unique mixture of effects that you can customize to your liking.

Adjust the color or intensity of the effect using the slider controls. Drag or pinch the screen to position and resize the entire filter.  For fine-grained control, drag the three touch points to different positions on the screen to explore a more spread out or focused combination of effects. When you are finished fine-tuning your filter, tap the Star to save it to your filter library for future use.

Shift retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here but we have been given a few codes to share with our loyal readers. If you would like to be in with a chance to win a promo code for Shift, all we ask is for you to reply to this post telling us what you love most about (we know how hard it is to narrow it down to one thing and also retweet or FB this post). That’s it, we’ll enter your details into our magic hat and if you’re a winner, a code will soon be sitting in your inbox.

Video Demonstration

Shift – Photo filters designed by you from Pixite Apps on Vimeo.

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25 thoughts on “Shift – New iPhone Photography App Now Available! We Have Codes To Giveaway!”

  1. This app really intigues me, since I can’t put my finger on how it will turn out to be, but knowing Ben and his team it’s defenitely worth checking out! I’d love to give it a spin!

    The things (sorry….can’t boil it down to just one thing… 😛 ) I like most about TAW are
    a) the constant influx of news about everything iPhotography related and
    b) the well written and easy to understand tutorials.

  2. Heck, I wouldn’t probably about most of these incredible apps without the help of The App Whisperer. Great site to follow!

  3. You can never have too many filters and I’d love to try this app. Best thing about The App Whisperer? Definitely the tutorials … although giveaways don’t hurt either!

  4. I continue to appreciate this site and all it’s contributions to mobile photography.
    may I have a code please.

  5. There is no way to narrow it down to one thing I like (love) about theappwhisperer. Amazing site run by amazing people. A site filled with so much knowledge, tips, and love for iPhone artists. 🙂

  6. I love AppWhisperer causr it is awesome community for photographers, i wish i could have a code to complete my pixite collection.

  7. My favorite Website for iphoneography. I love the coop with other mobile photographer that shares suggestions and techniques.

  8. Don’t know how many giveaways you have but if there are enough to include me, I’d love to have one. You already know how essential I think The App Whisperer is.

  9. I love The App Whisperer for the variety of photographers features, they are all very inspiring. Thank you!

  10. @theappwhisperer gets better and better with so many inspiring columns, tutorials and wonderfully creative people. Thank you Joanne for your endless fabulousness!

  11. I am a faithful follower. You are the first thing I check daily. Twice or more.. Ok constantly. You provide a wealth of information. Avsolutely Priceless! And, a quik wit to boot. My kinda girl! I’ve only just begun. Fingers crossed, really hoping my new found iphoneography obsession will nurture me through the learning curve. Beyond, elementary creativity. For now, giddy in love enjoying the honeymoon phase.

  12. TAW has been a constant source of info on all things mobile photography and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. Pixite continues to produce mesmerizing apps that are keepers. Shift would be a most welcome new app on my phone should I be one of the lucky ones to receive a code.

  13. TAW is a great blog for mobile photography info! Pixite makes wonderful apps. Shift looks amazing! Happy Holidays to you, Joanne!

  14. I love the app whisperer! This site has helped me to become a very fine moble photographer, Thanks for all you do!

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