Surfacing Hidden Feelings through Portraits with @el__ral


Fabulous photos of collaged mixed-media portraits,“portraits are the art form that most caught my attention. It’s like having a dialogue with the viewer,” explains Raúl Huerta (@el__ral) from Barcelona, Spain, who goes by the pseudonym Ral.

The artist recently started his project “Naked Under Skin”—a series of intimate portraits made from paper scraps, canvas, wood and paint. “Beauty is inspiring but I want to go beyond the good looks and startle with emotional impact,” he says. In using bits of newspaper, Ral aims to visually verbalize hidden emotions. “I try to get into the body of these people, to get past the skin and surface those feelings that everybody has inside.”

via Instagram blog

‘Strong’ (detail side B)

‘Strong’ (detail side A)

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