Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer Speaks at The Photography Show 2015 – Day 2 – Seminar 4 (Part 1 of 2) Mobile Silk Video by MaryJane Sarvis

Today, I have been publishing the tutorials and demonstrations that we presented at The Photography Show on 24 March 2015 (Seminar 3, Day 2).  We spent 20 minutes presenting those and for the final 10 minutes I played the video showcase of the curated entries to our special Flickr Group set up for the show.  I will present that video this Sunday 29 March 2015.  Moving on to the fourth and final seminar of our presentations at the show, we started with an incredible video by MaryJane Sarvis demonstrating her silk scarf creations originating from capturing images via her mobile phone. The audience were spellbound. Check out this video below…



About Joanne Carter

Joanne Carter is the Founder and Editorial Director of A Professional Photographer and Associate of the British Industry of Professional Photographers, BIPP, as well as a Professional Journalist, specializing in Photography. Joanne is also a Columnist for Vogue Magazine and is Contributing Editor to LensCulture.